Montag, 19. März 2012

Summer please come faster..

Ok first of all thank you for the new followers <3 I've been that lazy lately, don't know why, when I was at school I was like: okay today I'm going to blog about the weekend ! In the end I always went to bed after school, sorry for that! Lately i've been always posting thing's via Twitter [klick], so probably a few of you know what i've been doing. Short form: Hanging around with Missy, Playing with Friends lazertag, clubbing, sleeping, eating w/Missy, sleeping, sleeping,sleeping, sleeping and sleeping, that's my life.

Tomorrow I have to shoot few pic's of my T-Shirt I made for the Fashion Show my school gonna have on Thursday, looking forward to it !
Ah! and next week i'm going to have my qualifying examination at school and after that finally Holidays <3 Hopefully i can find some time to blog more ): Because i also have to learn for my finals, one month left I'm so scared ! Some Pics I Shot today:
Sun is shining, but i wish the summer would come faster..

bed + laptop= todays best friends

This time Oliver

New hair color

Old outfit pic I found, took this pic before I went to work