Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012


Ok again I've been spending too much money.. or well not too much because all the things I bought were on sale. I never buy clothes when they aren't on sale because I'm pretty greedy with my money.. I won't spent that much money knowing that in 1 month or something everything is on sale. But unfortunatly I a lot of things I like were always sold out because I always resist to buy them.. I already made a list for my mom of things I want when they are on sale.. kind of crazy, haha.
first of all Shoes! I totally love shoes and seeing all those cute shoes on sale made my heart jump.

Ok normally I won't tell the price of the things I buy..but these one were so unbelievable cheap ! From 90 Euro to 10 Euro !

flat sandals, I really needed some for my trip next week because walking in heels all day isn't really the best thing you can do..

The grey one were also reduced from 90 to 10 euro!

bought them for my graduation dress, I love this brown color, they looked so pretty with the dress! And a new bag, I needed this one for my trip.

Top by GT and necklaces by Accesorize.

by Accesorize

also by Accesorize

I don't know if I#ll have time to post again before of my trip next week, I'll try my best to do some pics :) otherwise I'll write when I'm back :) xoxo Blanka

Montag, 18. Juni 2012


Last Friday was my 20th birthday ! The day before I went shopping with my mom, she bought me a few things for my birthday which were on sale, It's like an tradition we always do this for our birthdays, haha.In the evening I met a friend and we went out for dinner and some drinks, the food and everything was so good ! And on sunday I met my girls for a nice after birthday dinner.

Everything is from H&M I guess, I can't remember when I bought the last time there, since I work at GT I always buy my things there, lol. There are still a few things I want to buy from H&M sale but I have to wait until I can spend money again. Oh of course I got some more things but yeah..lazy me was too lazy to take more pics..

And I finally bought my graduation dress, in the beginning I ordered one but yeah I didn't like it that much so I bought this one at Vero Moda, I guess...Blazer is from Only I love this one <3

One of my birthday presents <3
some friends bought it for me, I was so happy !

Flower's I got from my mom !

Oh and my birthday outfit, actually my mom took some pics..but yeah my mom isn't the best photographer so they didn't turn out that good.
Dress; LIZLISA- Jacket; H&M

Oreo !

last but not least a picture of myself.. Next time I hopefully can take some outfit pics again!

Samstag, 9. Juni 2012

I'm not dead.

but my feet.. worked yesterday and today and now I can't even walk, haha, but it was funny :) Yeah a lot happend after my last post.. at least I got my highschool diploma, so happy !! and of course I went shopping a few times, colored my hair again and played playstation. I finally found time to take a outfit pics, after a long time ! This was my outfit for work yesterday, a lot of black I know but my other clothes were dirty so.. I had to wear black. Actually I didn't wear those shoes for work because 7 hours with 12 cm heels would kill me, at the end I wore some simple white boots. The leggins is new i bought it when I visited Missy in Mainz, I love them and they were so cheap !

weird face ftw !

Shirt; Gina Tricot, Leggins; Random shop, Shoes: Bullboxer

Accessories I wore with the outfit

by gina tricot, love this bikini !

some other stuff, destroyed jeans jacket, denim shorts with destroyed star print

Cross ring with stones, love <3

now I'll watch the soccer game Germany vs Portugal :)
Go germany !!

have a nice weekend <3