Donnerstag, 26. September 2013


again a new Video, I'm sorry for no writing again for a while but a lot of things happend the last weeks and I'm still not feeling very well.. on 22.09. 2013 my grandfather died, I'm still very sad about this that's also a reason why I don't take or upload outfits pics. At the moment I don't feel like dressing up in colours the only colour I wear at the moment is black. Also my cat has a tumor, we don't know how long he will survive with it, the doctor already told us that there is nothing she can do anymore, because the tumor is inside of his kidney (<- ?)... but let's hope the best. so you see right now I don't feel very well, hope you understand this. Tomorrow I'll drive to Munich and stay the weekend there to see Gazette live, really looking forward to this and I hope I can deflect the pain a bit.

okay enough of the sad things, don't wanna spam my blog with sad things..

When I was in Japan this summer I got extensions done, so here is a little video about that (took this video on saturday, before my grandfather died..)



after hairmake

Samstag, 14. September 2013


Hello ~

again I have a lot of things for sale, Lots of Liz Lisa, Tralala stuff, La Pafait Dress, Ma*rs shoes and some other 109 Brand stuff
everything I sell is 100% authentic!

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Montag, 2. September 2013

I'm back!

Hello, after a little break I'm finally back!
Well maybe a few of you know that two weeks ago I was in Japan for 3 weeks, that's why I couldn't blog!
Still don't know if I should blog about my Japan trip, since I'm kind of lazy...
soo again I'll just upload a few outfit pictures I took after Japan. p.s if you want you can check out my instagram, I uploaded some pictures there of my japan trip :) link->

so this was my first school day outfit, bought that dress on my last day in japan (one day before, lol) I guess it was the most expensive clothing item I bought during my stay in japan, lol. But after seeing this dress at the liz lisa store and the shop staff wearing it I had to buy it, it's so beautiful and I really love it!

Dress/Necklace: Liz Lisa;Shoes/Socks: Offbrand -Shinjuku Alta-

I got this skirt in my Liz Lisa Luckybag and I really disliked it.. but then I thought about an outfit for school and I tried to combine skirt with my beloved blouse and in the end I kind of liked this outfit, I had no tights this day so I had to wear those with cat print, lol.

Blouse: Forever21; Skirt: Liz Lisa; Tights: random store

No. 3
nothing special to say about this one, simply love this outfit ! and my hair turned out pretty nice, lol

Dress: Liz Lisa; Cardigan: Tralala; Choker: Ruby Rose

No. 4
At first I wasn't sure about buying this dress because I thought that I would look fat in it.. still think this.. but this dress is so beautiful, i love it ; x ;

Necklace;Hairpin;Earrings;Dress;Cardigan: Liz Lisa

I love sets, they are so easy to combine, lol...

Hairpin;Necklace;Set: Liz Lisa; Cardigan: Ank rouge

Toooo lazy to write something, lol. But I liked my hair this day!

Dress; Cardigan;Necklace: Liz Lisa; Cardigan(no.2): ank rouge

that's it! hope you liked my outfits :3

xoxo Blanka

Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

OOTW No. 18

Finally a new Outfit post, yay! Today my internship started, it was very interesting and I hope that I can learn a lot during those two weeks! So because of that I think that I won't be able to blog again that soon ): think my next entry will be in around two or three weeks, sorry for that!

btw. Check out my sales post!

No. 1
This is already a few weeks old, finally it was warm enough to wear this dress. I really love it, it's one of my favourite dresses! I know my hair looks horrible.. but I had no time to do my hair this day..well ok like everyday..

Dress: Ma*rs; Cardigan: Jesus Diamante; Shoes: Liz Lisa

No. 2
Wore a similar outfit in my last outfit post I guess, only changed the necklace and this time I wore a, dead looking, usamimi..

everything is by Liz Lisa

No. 3
Love this cardigan which I got in sale! but it's so huge.. it's size m (s or xs was sold out) and it's twice as big as I am ! but I really like it <3 Wore this for work. p.s check out my instagram there is a video I made with this outfit :3

No. 4
Nothing to say about this one, was too lazy and just improvised ):

Dress: Liz Lisa; Hat: bought in Venezuela
later this day I went to Ikea with my mother.. was too lazy to dress up again after school so I just wore a lazy coord.

and new face pic.

No. 5
Bought myself a new Liz Lisa dress, I love it, it's so pretty! This day it was kind of cold again so perfect timing

No. 6
Another new dress I bought <3 together with one of my new Ma*rs Cardigans <3 Love it so much ; x ;
met a friend later this day, had a funny evening :3

Dress: Yumetenbo; Cardigan: Ma*rs

No. 7
Outfit with my other new Ma*rs cardigan <3 Love them so much !

Close up
Cardigan: Ma*rs; Dress: Liz Lisa

No. 8
Lazy outfit for work, Later this day I met vivian and missy <3 we had a nice weekend <3

Top: Yumetenbo; Shorts: AC/DC

No. 9
This day I wasn't in the mood for anything pink.. so I just wore my algonquins shirt/ dress, which I got few months ago

Dress/Shirt: algonquins; Shoes: Tuk; Necklace: Sex Pot Revenge

No. 10
Wore this last friday, had my last day of school before summerbreak. Haven't worn this dress for a year and I wasn't sure if I just sell it or not.. but I really like this dress and I really have to wear it more often in the future <3

Usamimi;Dress: Liz Lisa, Cardigan: Ma*rs, Jacket: Gina Tricot

sooo that's it! which one is your fav. ? :3

xoxo Blanka

Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013



I have some things I wanna sell so maybe a few of you like them :3
♥ I ship from Germany
♥ I accept Paypal and bank transfer within germany, but also trades for Liz Lisa, Tralala, Ma*rs and cute offbrand clothes
♥ All Prices are WITHOUT shipping and paypal fees!
♥ Please ask for a worn picture :3
♥ All clothes are 100% autentic with tag, I bought most of the things by myself via. online shop or when I was in Japan.
♥ Size is Japanese one size so depends on the clothes (XS/34, S/36, M/38 will probably fit) one of the liz lisa dresses is made for bigger size like L/40, just ask if you need help :3

Liz Lisa Flower top, bought 2009 in the online store. Shirring is a little bit broken such as the little flower pin. 25 Euro + Shipping. (also fits bigger bust size because of shirring :3)

Liz Lisa Dress, it's a really old dress ( I guess from 2006 or 2007) I got it 2008 and wore it two times. Still has the old tag inside. 20 Euro + Shipping.

Tralala Dress. Got it at Gyaru sales, worn twice by myself, condition is perfect. 22 Euro + Shipping.

Selling this for a friend!
Liz Lisa dress, bought 2012 in Tokyo (109), worn Twice, perfect condition. 35 Euro + Shipping.

(you'll get this ribbon for free!)

feel free to comment or write me a facebook message :3