Dienstag, 20. September 2011

And so life goes on, day after day

2 1/2 Weeks left until autumn break, i'm so looking forward to this because i already made that much plans for the holidays, but before i have to write all my exams..

Today i realized that this year is my last REAL schoolyear for the rest of my life and i have to start to think about the things i want to do in the future. I already thought about a few things i would like to do but I'm still not sure..

Today I finally had time to do a few things in my room, I also cooked food and played with my cats, and now I'm asking myself why does the food I cook always look so disgusting but tastes really good ?

two things I'm addicted to: TV and my bed <3

my boy <3

Sonntag, 18. September 2011

We buyin' out the bar, we livin' out life.

Finally i found time to write something or at least i took pictures to upload D:
I'm always too lazy to take pictures when i come home from school or sth.

The last two weekends i spend at Missy's Place at Mainz. Most of the time we spend outside at bars or clubs, damn funny !

Here a few pics i took during the week D:
sadly i still haven't the pictures we took over the weekend

btw sorry for those crappy mirror pics, i was too lazy to use my stand ):

Bought the trousers new at GT, they are so comfy i love them. btw no i'm not that fat they're just baggy :D
Top is also from GT

Party outfit
Dress Zara; Belt Primark; Shoes vagabond

Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

coat of many colors

I hate it when i don't have time to update my blog ): I love blogging but i have so much to do now that i don't even have time to use my laptop.. i'm doing everything with my iphone right now ):

Right now I found a bit of time but I'm so tired.. so sorry because of the mistakes.. D:

Last week I bought again something at Gina Tricot, those two little cellphone bags.

After seeing a few colleagues wearing them I thought that it might be practically to have one too and now i have to say that i stearted to love them ! I always have the problem that i never find my phone in my bag or when i'm wearing dresses i don't have a pocket on them so I always had to carry them in my hands ): But now i have those two little bags ! now i'm wearing them everyday :)

and finally a Picture of todays outfit, nothing special just a normal school outfit.

Fake Leather Jacket: Pimkie/Shirt: H&M/Scarf;Cardigan;Leggnins: Gina Tricot

btw. i made a twitter account, i'm using it as kind of a mobile blog.

Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

The last days i haven't had time to update my blog. I was so busy with work and school and after coming home I immediately fell a sleep..

At work we had to do that much things in a short time so we (Johanna, Lara and I) had to work THAT fast, you can't believe, we had to ran from place to place to put everything where it belongs but it was still that much.. but at the end we made it !
and nearly everyone said that we did a great job !

So Yesterday I went out for a dinner with my co workers, it was so funny really, they are all that kind and friendly you can't believe. It's kidn of said that most of them are from others stores like the ones in Cologne or Düsseldorf ): We also had some co workers from Finnland and Sweden, Still one week left until they're back home ):

Johanna and me before going to the dinner. Johanna is in my class and at my workplace they were still searching some girls so i asked her if she wants to write a application and they accepted her <3

Oh and Today we had our employee shopping day haha with a huuuuuge employee discount
It was great and so funny watching the girls running through the warehouse ( we couldn't take the clothes we had in store because of the opening tomorrow) and searching the clothes they want, haha.

Here you can see a few things i bought.. still a few things left which i want but i have to wait until saturday after having the opening ):

My two shopping bags, haha. I also got GT employee tshirts we have to wear the opening weekend, haha.

Three cardigans, Two Basic shirts, Fake leather shorts, new shiny leggins, two shirts and a scarf, i still have to buy a few shirts..

Usamimi, necklace and earrings

So That's all for now :) i hope that a lot of people will visit us tomorrow at hessencenter on the BIG opening of the first Gina Tricot store in Frankfurt.
See you there <3

P.s Sorry for the ugly pics.. i don't have time to take them when it's still sunny outside ):