Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

coat of many colors

I hate it when i don't have time to update my blog ): I love blogging but i have so much to do now that i don't even have time to use my laptop.. i'm doing everything with my iphone right now ):

Right now I found a bit of time but I'm so tired.. so sorry because of the mistakes.. D:

Last week I bought again something at Gina Tricot, those two little cellphone bags.

After seeing a few colleagues wearing them I thought that it might be practically to have one too and now i have to say that i stearted to love them ! I always have the problem that i never find my phone in my bag or when i'm wearing dresses i don't have a pocket on them so I always had to carry them in my hands ): But now i have those two little bags ! now i'm wearing them everyday :)

and finally a Picture of todays outfit, nothing special just a normal school outfit.

Fake Leather Jacket: Pimkie/Shirt: H&M/Scarf;Cardigan;Leggnins: Gina Tricot

btw. i made a twitter account, i'm using it as kind of a mobile blog.!/SHIIROUs

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