Sonntag, 18. September 2011

We buyin' out the bar, we livin' out life.

Finally i found time to write something or at least i took pictures to upload D:
I'm always too lazy to take pictures when i come home from school or sth.

The last two weekends i spend at Missy's Place at Mainz. Most of the time we spend outside at bars or clubs, damn funny !

Here a few pics i took during the week D:
sadly i still haven't the pictures we took over the weekend

btw sorry for those crappy mirror pics, i was too lazy to use my stand ):

Bought the trousers new at GT, they are so comfy i love them. btw no i'm not that fat they're just baggy :D
Top is also from GT

Party outfit
Dress Zara; Belt Primark; Shoes vagabond

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