Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Parties in the bar, reaching for the stars

Saturday we went to a Halloween party @Velvet Club Frankfurt.
This night was so funny! we were a bit too early so the club was still empty and it was quite boring, that's why we decided to go to a tabledance bar (I know someone who knows the owner :D) everything for free even the stripper, haha. Omg it was so funny.

After that we went back to the club and then it was full, i danced until my feet started to hurt, everything was so funny ! Next year i hopefully can repeat this again :D

btw. and now i'm again looking forward to next weekend.

I decided to wear my purple cl again, haven't wore them since december i guess ): and i still love them ! my eyes look so big and dolly ):

nothing to say about this.

Party people :D

Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Japanday and bookfair

Okay Now i'm going to write about japanday and frankfurt bookfair.
I have to say that this weekend was so stressful D:
I hand no time to finish my cosplay, even if i sewed the whole friday D: I finished it saturday morning at 3 am D:

Next day we had to drive to dusseldorf, it was funny but damn i was so tired !!
At all this day was awesome, i saw so many people i haven't seen for a while <3
In the evening we had to drive to Frankfurt again.
Nextday me and my cosplay partner went to bookfair, and this day was the best.
beeing together with my best and closest friends and having so much fun, haha i wish i could repeat this day <3

<3<3 guys you made my day

Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

I'm not dead just lazy.

I really hate my laziness D:

Ok what i've been doing during the last weeks ?
of course i met my best friend like 3846823746 times, i was working aaaand i made my cosplay for the Japanday and the Bookfair <3 [More about that in my next post]

Here you have a few pics of the sewing process D:

and a outfit pic.. dunno anymore when i took this D:
but i guess it was in the morning before going to work and i guess everything is by GT.
You can see my old hair color in this pic D: i had to color my hair because of the cosplay, more about it in the next post !

ah and btw. yesterday my best freind orderd my halloween costume, it's so cute !! i'm so looking forward to this !

Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

You said to me so

One week left until autumn holidays, finally !
Still one exam left and i'm finally free, I'm so looking forward to this !!!
If been doing a lot of school things, visited Missy and I was working a lot so i couldn't write into my blog, sorry for that !

Here you have a couple of pics i took during the last 2 weeks !

Last saturday before i went to missy's place. My bangs are looking horrible !

Poncho&Leggins;GT/Shirt; H&M

My Parents used to have clothes with those prints and colours years ago, that's why i bought this poncho.

bag and poncho bought at GT