Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Parties in the bar, reaching for the stars

Saturday we went to a Halloween party @Velvet Club Frankfurt.
This night was so funny! we were a bit too early so the club was still empty and it was quite boring, that's why we decided to go to a tabledance bar (I know someone who knows the owner :D) everything for free even the stripper, haha. Omg it was so funny.

After that we went back to the club and then it was full, i danced until my feet started to hurt, everything was so funny ! Next year i hopefully can repeat this again :D

btw. and now i'm again looking forward to next weekend.

I decided to wear my purple cl again, haven't wore them since december i guess ): and i still love them ! my eyes look so big and dolly ):

nothing to say about this.

Party people :D

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  1. awww! You are just PRECIOUS! I especially love the funny face picture! Funny faces are my favorite! <3