Dienstag, 8. November 2011

I hear a voice inside me awake again

Today i went out for a dinner with a beloved friend <3
i took my camera with me because i wanted to take some pictures of the leafs, i love those colors even if i like it more when they turn red )):
Ah btw. finally i have some freetime :) the next two weeks i won't write any exams, i'm so happy ! Since my holidays were over i had to write that much exams ):
But yeah.. after those two weeks i have to start again with learning.. )):

Yeah here a pic of my outfit, pretty simple because yeah i was too lazy to dress up for school. The leggins is btw new ! I love it so much, sadly you can't see the zipper at the top of it )): I also bought a few other things, more about that hopefully in the next post !

Coat Only/Shirt Gina Tricot/ Top H&M/Leggins Gina Tricot

+12 cm my fav shoes atm ! so comfy !!

oh yes and now our food, lol.

After that I met another friend of mine, we went to the cinema to watch Paranormal Activity 3.. srsly i was so scared !!
Tomorrow a few friends will come to my place, looking so forward to this ! It'll be fun !