Montag, 23. April 2012

Survived the first day !

ah I'm so tired ! today I wrote my first final exam..still have to write 3, I don't want to write them ! anyways.. I took a pics of a few cute things I bought lately.

I already own a few Gina Tricot jeans but this one (and the Kristens series) are probably the most comfiest jeans I ever bought ! I still want to buy few other ones in the next months, so I can finally throw my old ugly ones away. I guess the name of this jeans is Sophie, but I'm not sure...

New sunglasses for upcoming summer. I lost my old ones at Vero Moda so I had to buy a new one ): When I went to work I saw those and hat to buy them, together with the case. I love big sunglasses so this ones are just perfect for me.

aaaand a clutch for clubbing. we had a similar one 2-3 months ago I guess, I wanted to buy this one but I wasn't sure because the clinches were gold, and I don't wear gold accessories for clubbing and yeah after a while i decided to buy it but then it was sold out. And yeah now we got a new modell in silver !! BUT...I don't like the skull that much.. (the gold one was without skull)

oh yeah today I'm going to cook

oh yeah my best friends of the last few days..

me after my exam.. yeah you can see the beautiful circles around my eyes..

and last but not least thank you very much for the comments. I never answered comments before but I'm going to do this from today on, so please leave a comment <3 brain isn't working anymore..

Sonntag, 15. April 2012

goodbye holidays, hello school ):

Ah I'm so tired ! Tomorrow I have to go to school again, I don't want to ): and just one week left until I have my finals.. I'm so scared and I should start to learn more for it.. sigh
Well my holidays were great, hanging at home and playing playstation, going to the cinema ( The woman in black and the hunger games) and visiting missy.

Saturday I took some pics again, just a simple outfit for work :)

Hat/Vestimienta Venezuela, Knit/ Vila, Shirt/ no name shop, tube dress/ H&M, Tights/ Gina Tricot.

And here a few things I bought lately

Shirt/ No name shop, the same where i bought the shirt of my outfit picture.

Poncho/ Vero Moda

and my best friend, lol.

well my life is boring as always i wish i could write more, haha. Tomorrow i have to work again after school..i prefer to stay in my bed...

ah btw. I passed my qualification exam i had to make, so happy <3