Mittwoch, 13. August 2014


It's been a while since i wrote into my blog, during the past months a lot happened in my life I was kind of down I had no energy left a lot of things were keeping me busy so that I had to focus on myself for a while.. but now I kind of start feeling better again
Last month I graduated and now I'm official a tailor. I also made a big decision for my future and i really hope that everything works out the way I want..

right now i had a lot of freetime so i decided to write into this blog again, I have three outfits to share with you <3 br="">
Nr. 1

A while ago I bought the Yui Kanno x Liz Lisa collaboration set in blue. I directly fell in love with this set when i saw it online, I was so happy that a girl decided to sell this set to me <3 I also really like the cherry trend so I made myself a Cherry necklace similar to the ones Liz Lisa sold a while ago <3

whole Outfit is by Liz Lisa

Here you can see the Liz Lisa necklace I made <3

Later I met my friend Vivian, we had lunch at her place and after that we went to the city since I wanted to go to a cute cafe I discovered a while ago
the cakes were really delicious <3 <3

After that we went to the cinema to watch the new Ghibli Movie 風立ちぬ (the wind rises)
It was quite boring so I was kind of happy when the movie ended.. didn't like it that much..

anyways it was a funny day <3


I had a photogenic day lol
met my friend vivian again to watch 22 Jump street, since we both love 21 Jump street <3
the movie was really funny even if I liked the first one more <3
after that we just ate dinner and went a fair called Mainuferfest in Frankfurt, so nothing special..

Everything is by Liz Lisa

Nr. 3

Once again I had my photogenic day lol
Went to see the doctor that day because my skin disease got worse. Later that day I had dinner with the people from my Japanese class, it was really funny. We hat dinner at a Japanese restourant here in frankfurt. I had Tempura and it was really good <3

Once again everything is by Liz Lisa

Nr. 4

A week ago I bought a new Liz Lisa dress, it's from their summer collection and I fell in love ith this print since I saw it the first time. I'm so happy that I got that dress because it's so beautiful <3

Isn't it beautiful ? I love it so much <3

Which one is your favourite outfit ? <3

xoxo Blanka

Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014


Sorry for not posting in such a long time life is keeping me very busy and i don't have much time for other things except of school and work.. because of that my life became quite of boring and it became kind of stupid and boring by just posting outfit pictures, that's why i stopped writing here..

if you still want to see some outfits etc please follow my twitter or instagram :3

xoxo Blanka

Donnerstag, 26. September 2013


again a new Video, I'm sorry for no writing again for a while but a lot of things happend the last weeks and I'm still not feeling very well.. on 22.09. 2013 my grandfather died, I'm still very sad about this that's also a reason why I don't take or upload outfits pics. At the moment I don't feel like dressing up in colours the only colour I wear at the moment is black. Also my cat has a tumor, we don't know how long he will survive with it, the doctor already told us that there is nothing she can do anymore, because the tumor is inside of his kidney (<- ?)... but let's hope the best. so you see right now I don't feel very well, hope you understand this. Tomorrow I'll drive to Munich and stay the weekend there to see Gazette live, really looking forward to this and I hope I can deflect the pain a bit.

okay enough of the sad things, don't wanna spam my blog with sad things..

When I was in Japan this summer I got extensions done, so here is a little video about that (took this video on saturday, before my grandfather died..)



after hairmake