Donnerstag, 26. September 2013


again a new Video, I'm sorry for no writing again for a while but a lot of things happend the last weeks and I'm still not feeling very well.. on 22.09. 2013 my grandfather died, I'm still very sad about this that's also a reason why I don't take or upload outfits pics. At the moment I don't feel like dressing up in colours the only colour I wear at the moment is black. Also my cat has a tumor, we don't know how long he will survive with it, the doctor already told us that there is nothing she can do anymore, because the tumor is inside of his kidney (<- ?)... but let's hope the best. so you see right now I don't feel very well, hope you understand this. Tomorrow I'll drive to Munich and stay the weekend there to see Gazette live, really looking forward to this and I hope I can deflect the pain a bit.

okay enough of the sad things, don't wanna spam my blog with sad things..

When I was in Japan this summer I got extensions done, so here is a little video about that (took this video on saturday, before my grandfather died..)



after hairmake