Montag, 2. September 2013

I'm back!

Hello, after a little break I'm finally back!
Well maybe a few of you know that two weeks ago I was in Japan for 3 weeks, that's why I couldn't blog!
Still don't know if I should blog about my Japan trip, since I'm kind of lazy...
soo again I'll just upload a few outfit pictures I took after Japan. p.s if you want you can check out my instagram, I uploaded some pictures there of my japan trip :) link->

so this was my first school day outfit, bought that dress on my last day in japan (one day before, lol) I guess it was the most expensive clothing item I bought during my stay in japan, lol. But after seeing this dress at the liz lisa store and the shop staff wearing it I had to buy it, it's so beautiful and I really love it!

Dress/Necklace: Liz Lisa;Shoes/Socks: Offbrand -Shinjuku Alta-

I got this skirt in my Liz Lisa Luckybag and I really disliked it.. but then I thought about an outfit for school and I tried to combine skirt with my beloved blouse and in the end I kind of liked this outfit, I had no tights this day so I had to wear those with cat print, lol.

Blouse: Forever21; Skirt: Liz Lisa; Tights: random store

No. 3
nothing special to say about this one, simply love this outfit ! and my hair turned out pretty nice, lol

Dress: Liz Lisa; Cardigan: Tralala; Choker: Ruby Rose

No. 4
At first I wasn't sure about buying this dress because I thought that I would look fat in it.. still think this.. but this dress is so beautiful, i love it ; x ;

Necklace;Hairpin;Earrings;Dress;Cardigan: Liz Lisa

I love sets, they are so easy to combine, lol...

Hairpin;Necklace;Set: Liz Lisa; Cardigan: Ank rouge

Toooo lazy to write something, lol. But I liked my hair this day!

Dress; Cardigan;Necklace: Liz Lisa; Cardigan(no.2): ank rouge

that's it! hope you liked my outfits :3

xoxo Blanka


  1. you don't look fat ;__; stupid you!

    Alles sieht wieder wunderbar aus! Ich liebe einfach das Blumige und farbenfrohe an dir. Das sieht wunderschön aus!

  2. wenn man die bilder sieht bekommt man wieder lust auf sommer ^-~