Samstag, 25. August 2012

OOTW no.3

I could write about so much things which happend in the last 2 weeks but..I think that a text only post would be quite boring, missy still has all the pictures ): So the only thing I can write about now is about school and some outfits I wore at school.
Two weeks ago my school started again, I'm doing an off the job training for becoming a dressmaker, I had to do an entrance exam in march or april I guess so I could already start with the second year and not with the first year, but I have to learn a lot and practise more than the other, so it's kind of stressful, but everyone there is so kind and I like my classmates :)
ok now you know what I'm doing after I finished with highschool :)

So here some pics of the last two weeks, mostly outfit pics ):

This was my outfit for the first day of school, I was so nervous ! But I like the way my hair turned out, I did this hairstyle for the rest of the week.
Dress is btw by Lizlisa

Ahh I love this shirt so much ! It's one of my favourites.
Hat: Claires
Necklace: Paris Kids
Shirt: Forever 21/ ank rouge
Shorts: ank rouge

Oh this was my outfit for gamescom (when I get the Pics I'm going to make an entry about this day...)
Actually I wanted to wear another dress but in the end I changed my opinion and wore Missys Lizlisa dress with some Paris Kids Necklaces.
btw. before arriving at gamescom I opened my hair for some volume and curls.

Blurry Pic ):
You can see how the mess in my room is growing, lol.
This dress is one of my favourites, It's from Lizlisa.

and I guess the most important gets of the month, make up !
I hate those months when most of the make up run out at the same time...

my awesome drawings, lol, not. This Is how my box at school looks like.

I guess I was so dead after this day, lol. I had to work after school and this was my outfit.
Set is by Tralala and cardigan by Gina tricot.

random face picture

Thursdays outfit, too much mess in the room that's why I had to censor it, lol. I loooove this dress so much !
Hat: Claires
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Dress: Lizlisa
Cardigan: Gina Tricot

Last but not least yesterdays outfit. I love the shorts !
Ribbon: Paris Kids
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Shirt: Gina Tricot
Shorts: AC/DC
Socks: Tutuhanna
Shoes: 109

Partypeople 2 weeks ago, Today I'm going out for clubbing again <3 this is gonna be a good nght !

oh and this was the day after clubbing, I just chilled in my kigurumi because my body hurt so

Catfriday <3

Freitag, 10. August 2012

hair problem ):

Since a long time I had a lot of problems with my hair colour. A Year ago my hair was dark brown and I said that I'll never bleach my hair ever again... few months ago I started to colour my hair orange but because of my dark hair it was quite difficult and I had to use a lot of hairdye, but my hair was still alive, lol.

left: before, right: after
Actually the orange I had in my hair wasn't really orange for me, so when I was in Japan I bought hairdye...I dyed my hair and had yellow hair, finally I could dye my hair the orange I wanted and now they are orange..

but when I look at the pictures we took in japan, with missys awesome camera, I want this hair colour back, the problem was that my hair was way darker than in the pictures, because of missys camera, but now I know that this colour would be perfect for me but it's too late, I have to wait 1 month until I can dye them again. cry. Had to cut about 5 cm of my hair because of the damage.........

enough of this hair talk, I guess when I dye my hair again next month I'll also buy extentions, I hate my short hair right now, even if it's not that short but actually too short for me ):

my yellow hair, when my hair was still long.......

this was before I went to missy's place
set is by Tralala
Shoes by SBY Lange
Hat by Claires

this is how I look right now

and now my orange hair...It's okay but still too bright, a lot of my clothes dosen't match with this color anymore....

Tops: ank rouge
Shorts: Shibuya 109, don't remember the shop anymore....

and todays outfit for work, tomorrow after work I'll go clubbing, looking forward to this <3

xoxo Blanka

Sonntag, 5. August 2012

Outfit Post

Only one week left until my summer break is over, I don't want to go to school again ): After my Japan trip I've been just working or lying in my bed sleeping or watching one piece so yeah..I didn't do that much, which is kind of sad...

I wanted to upload a few pics of yesterdays outfit, actually I wanted to wear it for work but in the end I had to change the skirt and the bow, I can't wear eye catching clothes from other brands for work ):

Ok because of the quillings I really look fatter than I am ): But I liked the outfit.. when I was In japan I bought a lot of those "schoolgirl" ribbons because I thought that they may look cute with a blouse, but back in germany I noticed that I don't have a matching blouse... I bought this one at Gina Tricot, actually it's sleeveless but with a cardigan it looks ok, just have to buy a shorter one, this one is really too long ):
btw. this ribbon is the ass ribbon of the
Cardigan: Gina Tricot; Blouse: Gina Tricot; Skirt and Ribbon: Tralala

I just changed the ribbon and the skirt. The ribbon now is from Paris Kids and the Shorts are from wonder rocket/Harajuku, I guess...

New shoes I bought, Just loooooove them, I wanted to have a pair of these for such a long time now but they were always to expensive and when I was at Japan missy bought a cheap pair of those but they didn't have my size, I was so sad , but finally I found a pair <3 But I ruined myself with these shoes, now I'm completely out of money...

new jacket I got at work, I love the colour, I think it'll match good with my LizLisa dress

Random outfit I wore when I visited missy last week

and Oliver enjoying the weather <3

A few Pictures are from my Instagram page, please follow me there <3

I'll hope I can write again this week >.<
xoxo Blanka