Sonntag, 5. August 2012

Outfit Post

Only one week left until my summer break is over, I don't want to go to school again ): After my Japan trip I've been just working or lying in my bed sleeping or watching one piece so yeah..I didn't do that much, which is kind of sad...

I wanted to upload a few pics of yesterdays outfit, actually I wanted to wear it for work but in the end I had to change the skirt and the bow, I can't wear eye catching clothes from other brands for work ):

Ok because of the quillings I really look fatter than I am ): But I liked the outfit.. when I was In japan I bought a lot of those "schoolgirl" ribbons because I thought that they may look cute with a blouse, but back in germany I noticed that I don't have a matching blouse... I bought this one at Gina Tricot, actually it's sleeveless but with a cardigan it looks ok, just have to buy a shorter one, this one is really too long ):
btw. this ribbon is the ass ribbon of the
Cardigan: Gina Tricot; Blouse: Gina Tricot; Skirt and Ribbon: Tralala

I just changed the ribbon and the skirt. The ribbon now is from Paris Kids and the Shorts are from wonder rocket/Harajuku, I guess...

New shoes I bought, Just loooooove them, I wanted to have a pair of these for such a long time now but they were always to expensive and when I was at Japan missy bought a cheap pair of those but they didn't have my size, I was so sad , but finally I found a pair <3 But I ruined myself with these shoes, now I'm completely out of money...

new jacket I got at work, I love the colour, I think it'll match good with my LizLisa dress

Random outfit I wore when I visited missy last week

and Oliver enjoying the weather <3

A few Pictures are from my Instagram page, please follow me there <3

I'll hope I can write again this week >.<
xoxo Blanka