Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Tokyooooo - Picture spam

Ok I finally found the time to write about tokyo. More Pictures than a text because, yes like always I'm too lazy and tired.

waiting at Vienna, our flight had 4 hours delay ):

@our hotel room, it was really small but we had our own bathroom, tv, fridge, hair dryer etc etc, it was near akihabara and ueno and pretty cheap ! ah in the picture you can see a lot of instant food, we bought in germany before leaving because we are both vegetarian and we knew that it wouldn't be easy to find food there without meat or fish and believe me it was difficult as hell.
I guess these are the only good pictures I can upload from the first day, we fell a sleep at 7 or 8 pm I guess.

2nd. day we woke up at 4 am, styled us and went to shibuya to meet a friend of mine.
all the shops were closed so we just walked around and bought something to eat.

ice creeeaaaaam <3

our shopping bags....

3rd. day

we woke up at 4 am again and left the hotel around 8 I guess...we decided to visit akihabara

nothing is better than chips for breakfast <3

at the train station

dress is by Lizlisa

we visited a maid cafe to have a second breakfast
after that we went to ueno but we were just too tired, that's why we decided to go back to the hotel and sleep and to go back to akihabara in the evening with our kigurumis

crepees at akihabara <3

4th. day

we just visited Harajuku and I guess after that we went back to the hotel..

5th. day

first we wanted to go to the castle but it was raining to much ):
we just went to the train station to buy our tickets for FujiQ highland and after that we went back to the hotel, changed our clothes and went back to shibuya.
we did some shopping at 109 and after that we went to the Alcatraz Cafe

in the train

we were so happy when the food arrived, this was the first real food we had after arriving <3

infront of the 109

shopping bags <3

6th. day

we went back to harajuku because we wanted to visit the bridge and the meiji shrine.

it was sunday and..yeah full of people...

oh fatty is drinking water, set is by ank rouge

making a wish <3

after that we got lost ):

missy ate spidermans brain

I can't even remember when missy changed her clothes, lol

shopping bags


first of all we managed to buy, with our poor japanese knowledge the tickets for fujiQ
we had to wake up at 4 am because of our bus, we were so tired this day..

sorry for the face, i was so tired, this was infront of our hotel
Missy and I wore the same dress this day because when she bought the dress I was like: YOU HAVE TO DO PARTNERLOOK WITH ME !!!! so actually I forced her......
Dress: Lizlisa (bought mine in harajuku few days earlier and she bought hers in shibuya)
Catears: One Spoo

waiting for the bus...

72 m *-* one of the highest rollercoasters, I just looooooved this one it was my fav.

steepest rollercoaster, the other one was better !

Missy infront of it

Actually we only went to this park because of the horror house in the backround.. missy wanted to visit it so badly and i was so scared...I never screamed this much in my life...
It was totally worth it !!!

yes.. and this is the picture they made...We just died because of laughing this much because of my face... This is my face when i have pee in my pants I guess...

after this we went to this watercoaster <- don't know another word....
I was like: CATS, WE HAVE TO DRIVE WITH IT !!!!!!!
we didn't buy any coats because of the water..
wrong Idea... after this ride we were wet....from head to toe...

8th. Day

we visited shinjuku

happy girl !

german restourant <3

we arrived at 6 or 7 am at the hotel...

10th. day

we slept until 1 pm I guess and after that we drove to roppongi Hills

at roppongi after that we went to shinjuku

finally <3 dinner at saizerya
and yes we always eat this's just normal.. and we ate everything !

11th. day

we went to shibuya shopping and after that I met my friend Nicole, missy stayed at the hotel because she was sick ):Nicole and I went to shinjuku for Karaoke and stayed there the whole night..I arrived at the hotel at..7 am ):

just a simple outfit post
Tralala set

Last day

went to shibuya and akihabara to buy the last things..and after that we visited the lock up


of course we did a lot of purikura but I'm too lazy to upload them.. and don't know.. for me those are special memories.. I don't want to share with anybody..

hope you liked my pics :) or well.. missys.. lol

xoxo Blanka :)


  1. oh gott tolle bilder *_* und ihr seid so dermaßen hübsch, beide ;O;

  2. Wunderschöne Bilder! *O* Ich kriege sofort Sehnsucht und möchte wieder dorhtin fliegen! <3
    Und Ihr seid soooooo hübsch! <3