Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Mobile Phone

Finally I have a free day, since I'm back from Japan I've been working the whole weeks so after work I was always so lazy to write into my blog.. but today I finally have a free day, lying in my bed with my Pijama and one of my cats by my side watching some movies, that's life.

Yeah, I could write something about my trip to Japan but 1. I'm to lazy to write that much and 2. I don't have all the pictures yet, but if you wanna see some just check my facebook page, missy uploaded most of them, at least the good ones, lol.

this enty is going to be about my outfits from the last week, ok since i had to work everyday like 7 up to 9 hours most of them are pretty simple, with flat shoes and no accesories. No.1

I had a free day at work, so I visited my grandparents, so that was my outfit for the day, nothing special but I liked it !

Shirt: ank rouge; Blouse: Forever 21; Shorts: ACDC; Necklace: ParisKids; Hat: Claires; Ring: Juicy Couture

in the first Picture you can see how I made my culrs for the day, Missy showed me a great methode how to make curls and put some volume into my hair without damage, we used to styl our hair everyday like this when we were in Japan. This is how my hair turned out that day.

No. 2

Just a outfit for work, but I love that Jumpsuit I bought last year at Gina Tricot, haven't used it in ages.. belt is from Primark

No. 3

another outfit for work, Shorts and Shirt by Gina Tricot. Everyday I put my hair up for the Curls but sadly they never turn out like you always want, it's always a matter of look if they look good or not ): This day they didn't turn out like i wanted to I put my hair up, the hair tie is from a Luckybag I got at the SBY corner at Shibuya 109, I like it a lot !

No. 4

and another outfit for work, the sweater is new, i bought it last week at the store because yeah, in germany it's kind of cold and I needed something for work that's why I bought it. Shirt is also from Gina Tricot, hair tie by Rose FanFan and shorts by ZARA. This day my hair turned out kind of ugly again, so I had to put it up again...

next week I have 2 days off hopefully I can take some pics with my camera, I'm always to lazy to search it.


  1. cute outfits and youre sooo pretty *_*

  2. Du bist so hübsch ;0; Ich liebe deine Haare!
    Und ich bin schon gespannt auf deine Urlaubsfotos! <3