Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

OOTW No. 16

soo finally a blog post again! Again I collected some outfit pics for you because I haven't got some pictures of the last weekend, when I was with missy at vivians place. Hopefully I'll get them next week, gonna make a blog post about it!

No. 1
Finally wore my ma*rs dress again, after a while, the outfit is pretty much the same like last time I wore it, only changed the hairstyle [klick ]. It's so pretty I really love this dress!

oh btw..look what happend later this day.. I was so sad when I friend told me that there was a tiny hole in my dress, I really have no clue how this could happen because I really take care of my clothes.. later that day I sew the hole but you can still see it.. cry

to me it looks like a little dog......

Just a lazy outfit for work, wearing two of my fav. pieces, selfmade skirt and body from Gina tricot!

No. 3
I was lazy again and had no idea what to wear.. right now I'm again not really statisfied with my look and outfits.. my creativity is lost again.. and all my clothes are boring at the moment.. wore them too often already I guess..
Dress is by Liz Lisa and Cardigan by Jesus Diamante

Okay better not talk about this horrible day.. it was really such a horrible day which already started in the early morning. Don't really wanna talk about this. Right now I still don't feel very well and I'm still kind of sad.. but we'll see what will happen in the next months..
back to the outfit.. I had to work later this day so nearly everything is from Gina Tricot.

and last but not least my outfit for Japanday!
It was really a nice day but I was kind of sad that most of my friends I wanted to go with couldn't come because of work or University.. but I was really happy that Chiara came with me! It was a really nice time with her! I met some friends I haven't seen in a while and it was really nice to talk to them again! In the evening I met my friend Nicole, finally after 4 months we could see eachother again! that made my day! I'm happy that we'll see eachother in 2 months again!

thank you Chiara for helping me choosing between all my clothes!
Headpiece: Claires; Blouse: Forever 21; Dress: Liz Lisa; Necklace: ParisKids/Liz Lisa

xoxo Blanka

Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

OOTW No. 15

Finally a new blog post, yay! In my last video I talked about a fabric market I visited with a friend. Last week I finally finished one of the skirts I made. I'm so happy! I really love the print and the color and everything but I still have to finish the second one.. but no time..cry. I directly wore the skirt the day after I finished it, I was so excited, haha. I hope you like it too!

The night before I got a call from a friend who ask me if I want to go to an all you can eat with her the next day after school, I said yes and with some other friends we went there. It was so much fun and I ate too much, like always...after that I really was afraid that my skirt won't survive this, haha.

Blouse: Forever21; Skirt: Selfmade

btw. I got myself a new Liz Lisa coat! I know it's a bit too late for a new coat but still, it's so cold in the morning and it's cute.

nearly the same as the first one, haha. I really love this skirt, had to wear it a second time! This day I met Vivian and her friends, we went shopping and after that we drove to her place. Later that day we went out to have a walk in the forest, it was so nice, since I live in the city I don't have the chance to go to a forest that often and also the time. I felt like beeing in a Ghibli movie, haha. after that we just watched tv and had dinner.

Blouse: Ank rouge; Cardigan: H&M; Jewelry: Claires, Liz Lisa, ParisKids, Juicy Couture etc.

still at vivians place, Missy and some other friends came later this day to have a barbecue, after that we drove to a little hill neary vivians place.

Dress: Liz Lisa (new one <3); Cardigan: H&M

Just a normal day at school, I finally got my Jesus Diamante Cardigan, it's so pretty I love it! 6 years ago I really was in love in this brand but it was so expensive and little blanka had no idea how to buy japanese brands online at that time..and now finally I got something <3

Cardigan: Jesus Diamante; Blouse: Forever 21; Skirt: Liz Lisa; Necklace: Paris Kids

I haven't used this set in a while, don't know why because I like it a lot. Sorry for the straight hair but I'm always too lazy to do my hair in the morning plus I'm always to late.. haha I guess I'm already pro when it comes to run in highheels to the train station. Sadly you can't see my tights, again, don't know why because actually this skirt is pretty short I guess it's the shortest I own..

Set: Ma*rs; Cardigan: Zara

which one is your fav. ?

xoxo Blanka

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

OOTW No. 14

So today I found some time to write into my blog, since I'm doing a little break from sewing right now. As I told in my last video I went to the fabric market and bought some things there but until now I had no time to do something with then.. well during break at school I started to do one of the skirts but still, even after one week, I couldn't finish it, which makes me sad. Today I started to cut the fabric for the inner part of the 2 skirts (dunno how the word is in english in german it's Futter) and cut the fabric of the second one. Have to take them to school tomorrow because I need some machines I don't have at home. Hope I can finish at least the first one tomorrow but don't know.. since I have to work after school tomorrow.
ok enough blablabla.

Lately I've been kind of uncreative, that's why I only have a few outfit pics since the other ones we're kind of boring or I had no time to take pictures in the morning.

No. 1
I overslept this day and had no idea what to wear.. so I grabbed some random things and hoped that they would match, everyone told me that I would look like a bride.. but dunno I'm not statisfied with this. My hair is such a mess.

Top/Body: Gina Tricot; Skirt: Ma*rs; Shoes: 109; Necklace: Paris Kids/Liz Lisa

No. 2
As I already mentioned in my video I got this dress from an old friend of mine. I really love this dress, it's so pretty and just perfect one of my favourites at the moment! Sadly you can't see my thigts they're suspendertights with cute ribbons on the top, I guess it's my first time wearing them..

Hair Clip: Liz Lisa; Dress: Ma*rs; Cardigan: H&M kids; Necklace: Paris Kids/ Liz Lisa; Tights: Primark

No. 3
this was my outfit for the day when I took the video.. well later on the day 'cause I had to work and well yeah, can't go to work in a ma*rs dress. so after i made the video I changed in something more casual and well at least boring but I wasn't in the mood for dressing up too much..

my face this day, still wearing my ma*rs dress.

and my outfit for work: Gina Tricot

Here you can see one of my more lazy outfits I mentioned before.. just a plain dress and sweater. Nothing special.

New Yorker and Liz Lisa

No. 5
Fridays outfit, had to work later this day, so again just something comfy. Got the hat the day before and I was so happy about that, first time I saw them in japan but they were too expensive for me.. and when I wanted to buy one they were sold out.. now I finally got one and I'm so happy <3

Dress: Liz Lisa; Sweater/Necklace/Barclet: Gina Tricot

No. 6
yesterdays outfit for work, nothing special since I was too lazy

Body: Gina Tricot; Collar: H&M; Shorts: AC/DC

later I put a sweater on because it was too cold..

Thank you for reading!

xoxo Blanka

p.s (sorry for writing in german ><)
Vorhin habe ich über meine alten Blogeinträge geschaut, welche ich vor langer Zeit auf privat gestellt habe. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass ich früher mehr über private Dinge geschrieben habe (wer meine alten einträge kennt weiss was ich meine) und langsam frage ich mich ob ich das wieder machen sollte. Nun ist meine Frage ob sich leute dafür Interessieren was so in meinen Gedanken und sonst so in meinem Leben abgeht, da ich alles bisher immer so oberflächlich geschrieben habe.. Naja ob ich das im endeffekt machen werde weiss ich noch nicht, ich gebe nicht mehr gern so viel von mir preis.. es würde mich trotzdem interessieren was ihr davon halten würdet :)