Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

OOTW No. 16

soo finally a blog post again! Again I collected some outfit pics for you because I haven't got some pictures of the last weekend, when I was with missy at vivians place. Hopefully I'll get them next week, gonna make a blog post about it!

No. 1
Finally wore my ma*rs dress again, after a while, the outfit is pretty much the same like last time I wore it, only changed the hairstyle [klick ]. It's so pretty I really love this dress!

oh btw..look what happend later this day.. I was so sad when I friend told me that there was a tiny hole in my dress, I really have no clue how this could happen because I really take care of my clothes.. later that day I sew the hole but you can still see it.. cry

to me it looks like a little dog......

Just a lazy outfit for work, wearing two of my fav. pieces, selfmade skirt and body from Gina tricot!

No. 3
I was lazy again and had no idea what to wear.. right now I'm again not really statisfied with my look and outfits.. my creativity is lost again.. and all my clothes are boring at the moment.. wore them too often already I guess..
Dress is by Liz Lisa and Cardigan by Jesus Diamante

Okay better not talk about this horrible day.. it was really such a horrible day which already started in the early morning. Don't really wanna talk about this. Right now I still don't feel very well and I'm still kind of sad.. but we'll see what will happen in the next months..
back to the outfit.. I had to work later this day so nearly everything is from Gina Tricot.

and last but not least my outfit for Japanday!
It was really a nice day but I was kind of sad that most of my friends I wanted to go with couldn't come because of work or University.. but I was really happy that Chiara came with me! It was a really nice time with her! I met some friends I haven't seen in a while and it was really nice to talk to them again! In the evening I met my friend Nicole, finally after 4 months we could see eachother again! that made my day! I'm happy that we'll see eachother in 2 months again!

thank you Chiara for helping me choosing between all my clothes!
Headpiece: Claires; Blouse: Forever 21; Dress: Liz Lisa; Necklace: ParisKids/Liz Lisa

xoxo Blanka


  1. Für mich sieht das Loch aus wie ein Pony XD ♥ weißt du ja xD
    Und das Outfit vom Japantag ist so Liebe !! Das Kleid steht dir sooooo gut ♥♥

  2. Total tolle Outfits mal wieder und das Loch sieht echt aus wie ein Hund xDDD finde ich witzig~~ aber auch irgendwie süß *^*

  3. Hey,
    super süße Outfits.

  4. Heyy ♥ Sorry, dass ich so spät mal antworte :> diese outfits sind auch wieder so süß :)) omg how could someone like you not be satisfied with their looks? ♪ ganz ehrlich sieht doch alles super aus!! Das Hund- Loch ist auch süß XD
    Wegen Japan wissen wir noch nicht genau, aber ziemlich sicher in den großen Semesterferien, die immer von ca July bis Oktober gehen :)