Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

OOTW No. 15

Finally a new blog post, yay! In my last video I talked about a fabric market I visited with a friend. Last week I finally finished one of the skirts I made. I'm so happy! I really love the print and the color and everything but I still have to finish the second one.. but no time..cry. I directly wore the skirt the day after I finished it, I was so excited, haha. I hope you like it too!

The night before I got a call from a friend who ask me if I want to go to an all you can eat with her the next day after school, I said yes and with some other friends we went there. It was so much fun and I ate too much, like always...after that I really was afraid that my skirt won't survive this, haha.

Blouse: Forever21; Skirt: Selfmade

btw. I got myself a new Liz Lisa coat! I know it's a bit too late for a new coat but still, it's so cold in the morning and it's cute.

nearly the same as the first one, haha. I really love this skirt, had to wear it a second time! This day I met Vivian and her friends, we went shopping and after that we drove to her place. Later that day we went out to have a walk in the forest, it was so nice, since I live in the city I don't have the chance to go to a forest that often and also the time. I felt like beeing in a Ghibli movie, haha. after that we just watched tv and had dinner.

Blouse: Ank rouge; Cardigan: H&M; Jewelry: Claires, Liz Lisa, ParisKids, Juicy Couture etc.

still at vivians place, Missy and some other friends came later this day to have a barbecue, after that we drove to a little hill neary vivians place.

Dress: Liz Lisa (new one <3); Cardigan: H&M

Just a normal day at school, I finally got my Jesus Diamante Cardigan, it's so pretty I love it! 6 years ago I really was in love in this brand but it was so expensive and little blanka had no idea how to buy japanese brands online at that time..and now finally I got something <3

Cardigan: Jesus Diamante; Blouse: Forever 21; Skirt: Liz Lisa; Necklace: Paris Kids

I haven't used this set in a while, don't know why because I like it a lot. Sorry for the straight hair but I'm always too lazy to do my hair in the morning plus I'm always to late.. haha I guess I'm already pro when it comes to run in highheels to the train station. Sadly you can't see my tights, again, don't know why because actually this skirt is pretty short I guess it's the shortest I own..

Set: Ma*rs; Cardigan: Zara

which one is your fav. ?

xoxo Blanka


  1. Dein Rock ist toll geworden *_* Du bist ja auch auf ner modedesignschule, oder?
    Mir gefällt definitiv das erste Outfit am besten ^_^