Samstag, 27. April 2013

New Vlog

have fun <3

xoxo Blanka

Sonntag, 21. April 2013


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OOTW No. 13

It's time for a new outfit post yaaaay...not.
actually I really have no idea what to blog about, since nothing much happened. My friend Vivian visited me last weekend and we went to a korean restourant and next day we went clubbing.. but i don't have pics so yeah.. can't blog about it..
next weekend I'll stay at home because I have to work and after that I have to some things at home, time..
ok enough blabla.. let's start~~~

No. 1

Here you can see my new Liz Lisa dress I got 2 weeks ago(..and new boots), I really like this dress a lot even if it's a bit short.. I'm wearing lace shorts so no one can see under it..that would be embarrassing...

Ribbon:Primark; Cardigan: Pimkie; Dress: Liz Lisa; Necklaces: Liz Lisa; Paris Kids


Sorry I only have this picture of my outfit >.<
wore this last saturday when Vivian was at my place, this was also my outfit for work, haven't wore this hairclip in a while..

Hairclip;Dress;Ribbon: Liz Lisa; Jumper: Gina Tricot; Necklace/Ring: Juicy Couture; Barclet: Gina Tricot;

Ah btw. The day vivian came to my place she also gave me lower lashes, here you can see the result, I really like them! It was my first time wearing them.. I was always too greedy to buy them online since they are more expensive then buying them in the store and when vivian was in Japan she bought them for me there.

No. 3

Ribbon: Primark; Lace shirt: H&M; Dress: Liz Lisa; Necklace: Studio Ghibli- Kikis Little Delivery Service- Design; Jacket: Gina Tricot

No. 4

This one is a mix of the other ones, lol.

Ribbon: Primark; Lace shirt: H&M; Dress: Liz Lisa; Necklace;Barclet: Gina Triot

and my face.

No. 5

todays outfit for work..

Jumper: Gina Tricot; Skirt: Liz Lisa

and another face pic..

Next week I'm going to make a video about my gets of the last months!

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Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

OOTW No. 12

I'm so sorry for the late update.. I had so much to do for school.. I had to write tons of exams, after that when I had holidays I had to do my internship and now I still have a lot of things to do. My school started again, I have my part time job and still have to go to the internship some 1-2 times a week..

So here are a few outfit post, at least the best ones I found on my Laptop

No. 1

Something more casual for school, I was still into W<3C.

Jumper:W<3C; Skirt: W<3C Replica; Necklace: Sex Pot Revenge

No. 2

A while ago I bought this shirt, I loved it for so many years, it was love at the first sight. I'm so happy that it's mine now <3

Shirt; Algonquins; Necklace: Sex Pot Revenge

No. 3

Last Picture with my long hair ): later that day, after school, I had a appointment at the hair dresser.. my hair was so damaged so it was time for a cut.. I also decided to try side bangs but I don't like it.. I think I'll let them grow out again..

Hair band; Gina Tricot; Blouse: Forever21; Top/Skirt/Ribbon: Liz Lisa; Bag: Ma*rs

and a face picture..

No. 4

I wore this when I visited my family on easter Sunday, nothing special, couldn't decide what to always...

Hair-band: Gina Tricot; Necklace: ParisKids/ Liz Lisa; Blouse: Forever21; Dress: Liz Lisa

and my face..again

No. 5

and another outfit I wore for my internship..bought that hat at H&M <3

Hat:H&M; Cardigan: Gina Tricot; Top: Tralala; Skirt: Liz Lisa

xoxo Blanka