Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

My 2011

okay now i'm going to share a few memories of my 2011 with you.

First of all i'll only write about the past 6 months because i really can't remeber what happend before june anymore, oh well just one thing there was a big asshole in my life.


My June wasn't pretty nice even tough i finished my horrible one year internship. I got my freedom back ← even tough i didn't realized this until the end of the summer and well yeah i turned 19 in June. Also booked my flight to venezuela and finished the 11th class.


with my sister <3

Last and best night @Colonia Tovar

The whole July i spend with my family in Venezuela, it was a great time full of memories and i enjoyed most of the time there. We went to the beach and yeah it was nice but i got a horrible sunburn and 1000 mosquito stiches.
I guess there were two things which will forever be in my mind, first we drove on a load floor ←? of a car, which was such a great feeling of freedom and the second thing was the night we spend at colonia Tovar with my sister <3


Okay my last real schoolyear started. I got my best friend back and finished my room, FINALLY !! At the end of this month i went to an job interview and yeah got the job !


Missy and I made a plan for 2012 and spend like each weekend with eachother. I had my first workday as a sales assistant at Ginta Tricot, it was great !

can't believe that i don't find any pictures of this month !!


I Finished my first cosplay after two years ( I guess) Suiseiseki from Rosen Maiden. I had so much fun cosplaying her !! I had so much fun with my friends at Japanday and Bookfair.
Missy, a schoolfriend of mine, her bf and i spend halloween together at Velvet club frankfurt and a table dance bar, i never had that much fun in my life than in this night i guess, i can't really tell how great this night was, haha.


nothing really happend, just spend my time with my schoolfriends, working and with my best friend, missy !


I had to do that much things for school, it was horrible ! But i got my freedom back after the start of the winter holidays, spending christmas with missy and my family was great and i also had a great new years eve with missy. And well yeah my 2012 also started with my best friends missy so for me it's a great start in 2012.

btw missy and i bought something in december, can't believe that one of my biggest childhood wishes will come true <3

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

new year

Finally i'm back at home and together with my cats.
My holidays are in a few days over and i guess i've spent more time with missy than with other people, haha.
Ok now about new years eve, i spent it with missy and Jasmin, we stayed at home until 1 am i guess before we went clubbing. It was such a great night..ok except the few accidents i had ):

Actually i wanted to wear the leather dress jasmin is wearing on the pics but at work i saw this silver dress on a co-worker and yeah fell in love with it. So i gave jasmin my leather dress :)

Dress: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Bullboxer

we were kind of drunk

we made some pretty strange food for example Pommes hot dogs, i forgot my veggi sausages at home and after new year all the veggi products were sold out.. so we had the idea to use pommes instead of sausage and it was so good !

And i guess most of the time we played call of duty (i failed so hard...)

[missy in the background playing call of]

And now i hate this feeling when you hangend 24 hours with your best friend and now you're at home alone and you're forced to eat normal and healthy things again and play wii because you have no ps3 ):