Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

My 2011

okay now i'm going to share a few memories of my 2011 with you.

First of all i'll only write about the past 6 months because i really can't remeber what happend before june anymore, oh well just one thing there was a big asshole in my life.


My June wasn't pretty nice even tough i finished my horrible one year internship. I got my freedom back ← even tough i didn't realized this until the end of the summer and well yeah i turned 19 in June. Also booked my flight to venezuela and finished the 11th class.


with my sister <3

Last and best night @Colonia Tovar

The whole July i spend with my family in Venezuela, it was a great time full of memories and i enjoyed most of the time there. We went to the beach and yeah it was nice but i got a horrible sunburn and 1000 mosquito stiches.
I guess there were two things which will forever be in my mind, first we drove on a load floor ←? of a car, which was such a great feeling of freedom and the second thing was the night we spend at colonia Tovar with my sister <3


Okay my last real schoolyear started. I got my best friend back and finished my room, FINALLY !! At the end of this month i went to an job interview and yeah got the job !


Missy and I made a plan for 2012 and spend like each weekend with eachother. I had my first workday as a sales assistant at Ginta Tricot, it was great !

can't believe that i don't find any pictures of this month !!


I Finished my first cosplay after two years ( I guess) Suiseiseki from Rosen Maiden. I had so much fun cosplaying her !! I had so much fun with my friends at Japanday and Bookfair.
Missy, a schoolfriend of mine, her bf and i spend halloween together at Velvet club frankfurt and a table dance bar, i never had that much fun in my life than in this night i guess, i can't really tell how great this night was, haha.


nothing really happend, just spend my time with my schoolfriends, working and with my best friend, missy !


I had to do that much things for school, it was horrible ! But i got my freedom back after the start of the winter holidays, spending christmas with missy and my family was great and i also had a great new years eve with missy. And well yeah my 2012 also started with my best friends missy so for me it's a great start in 2012.

btw missy and i bought something in december, can't believe that one of my biggest childhood wishes will come true <3


  1. ohhh yes what a big asshole he was xD finally you realized lol
    tuffi ;D

  2. Süße hab dich in meinem letzten Post getaggt :)
    Wenn du Lust hast kannst du gerne die Fragen im nächsten Post beantworten!