Montag, 17. Juni 2013

OOTW No. 17

Since I had some time I'm doing an Outfit post again. So I collected just my Favourite ones of the last weeks, hope you like them too!

Wore this in the last week of May, I really like this Outfit, it's nearly the same like I wore at Japan day. Got this cute Bodyline bag at japan day from a friend, I love it so much <3


This day I had no idea what to wear, I just took some random things and wore some thights I bought last year when I was in japan.. but not sure if I like them since I guess that my legs look kind of 'fat' with them..
Cardigan: Zara; Blouse: ank rouge; Skirt: Tralala


I was sick, the days before I took that outfit, and couldn't go to school ): I already mendtioned this dress in my last post, it's so pretty <3 I like this dress so much!

Dress: Yumetenbo on the right you can see the outfit with shoes and socks <3


Vivian and I bought the same dress a while ago at H&M kids, but never had the chance to wear it since it was always too cold.. but that day it was finally warm enough to wear it! later this day I went with a Classmate to a shopping mall and tried the matcha frappuccino, it was so tasty <3

Dress: H&M kids, Necklace: Paris Kids/ Liz Lisa


just a simpel outfit for work, had no idea what to wear...
Cardigan/Blouse: Gina Tricot; Ribbon/Skirt: Tralala


First Outfit with my Liz Lisa shoes, I love them! They're so pretty and just perfect!! Finally could wear this dress again, got it last year when I was in Japan, it's so pretty and beautiful, one of my fav. dresses!

Dress: Liz Lisa; Cardigan: Pimkie; Shoes: Liz Lisa

later that day we went to a fair with my school, I had some time to meet a friend and hat a great time with my classmates <3


This morning I felt like dressing up again, I finally wore my Liz Lisa dress again, after nearly a whole year! I don't know what I didn't wear it after japan because it's so pretty and so perfect ; x ;

Dress: Liz Lisa; Cardigan: Jesus Diamante; Jacket: Gina Tricot; Necklace: Liz Lisa/Paris Kids; Shoes: Liz Lisa


Last fridays Outfit, nothing special I just wanted to wear my Vivienne Westwood shoes that day <3 They are so pretty, love them so much!

Blouse: Forever 21; Skirt: Liz Lisa; Shoes: Vivienne Westwood

xoxo Blanka

Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Happy Birthday!

A new blog post, finally! Sorry that I couldn't write earlier, I had so much to do with school and work ):
Today I'm going to write about my birthday, Yesterday (15.06) I turned 21!
On friday my friend Jasmin visited me, we went to a Japanese Restourant to have dinner, love this restourant because they also have a lot of vegetarian food and it's really tasty!

She had Yakisoba and I had Curry <3 we also ate Gyouza and Kimchi
After that we went home and played ni no kuni, which was btw one of my birthday presents too.

Next day a classmate arrived at my place, we went to my grandparents where we met missy and another classmate and had cake <3 I had 4 birthday cakes.. but this one was the main cake <3 It was soo tasty, just loved it!

after that we went back home where we met another friend, talked a little and prepared dinner, we had an indian styled dinner which was soo good, I ate way too much..

after dinner we went to a karaoke place where I rented a room, half hour later my friend vivian arrived! It was such a funny night, had a great time with my friend and I hope that we can repeat this soon! <3

jasmin sent me two pics, sadly I forgot to take pictures with everyone..

with jasmin and Lorena (I look so weird)

with Vivian ( I still look weird...)

And here some of my birthday presents!
I ordered a few things for my birthday and I'm still waiting for two Liz Lisa tops..

Pink shoes, Finally! I got them for 10€, they are so cute!

Liz Lisa shoes I got very cheap at Gyaru sales, I just love them, They are so perfect and they fit <3

aaand another pair of shoes, vivienne westwood lady dragon heart, they are perfect and so comfy, I just love them so much! But they are pretty hard to combine, because of the read heart..

new dress from yumetenbo

Glamorous Jane top and bra !

Liz Lisa skort!

Hair clip I got a while ago, it's so pretty!

Yumetenbo top

Earrings, brooch and necklace, which I got from Vivian, so pretty, just love everything <3

Hair Accessoire which I got from a classmate <3

Sweets and Malibu which missy gave me, App store gift card I got from jasmin and saturn gift card I got from my friend lorena <3

It was such a great day, thank you for everything my friends!
and I also want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday by phone, via facebook or instagram or who wrote me a text message! <3

xoxo Blanka