Freitag, 10. August 2012

hair problem ):

Since a long time I had a lot of problems with my hair colour. A Year ago my hair was dark brown and I said that I'll never bleach my hair ever again... few months ago I started to colour my hair orange but because of my dark hair it was quite difficult and I had to use a lot of hairdye, but my hair was still alive, lol.

left: before, right: after
Actually the orange I had in my hair wasn't really orange for me, so when I was in Japan I bought hairdye...I dyed my hair and had yellow hair, finally I could dye my hair the orange I wanted and now they are orange..

but when I look at the pictures we took in japan, with missys awesome camera, I want this hair colour back, the problem was that my hair was way darker than in the pictures, because of missys camera, but now I know that this colour would be perfect for me but it's too late, I have to wait 1 month until I can dye them again. cry. Had to cut about 5 cm of my hair because of the damage.........

enough of this hair talk, I guess when I dye my hair again next month I'll also buy extentions, I hate my short hair right now, even if it's not that short but actually too short for me ):

my yellow hair, when my hair was still long.......

this was before I went to missy's place
set is by Tralala
Shoes by SBY Lange
Hat by Claires

this is how I look right now

and now my orange hair...It's okay but still too bright, a lot of my clothes dosen't match with this color anymore....

Tops: ank rouge
Shorts: Shibuya 109, don't remember the shop anymore....

and todays outfit for work, tomorrow after work I'll go clubbing, looking forward to this <3

xoxo Blanka


  1. I love this yellowish kind of color!!!!

  2. OH I love the colour! you look great!

  3. Oh! Ich mochte deine braunen Haare so gerne! Aber orange ist auch cool. Vielleicht könntest du es mal mit Wellas Color Fresh (Friseurhandel) ausprobieren. Das ist nicht so schädlich =/
    Wegen dem Verkauf - LizLisa eher weniger, aber wenn du magst kannst du mir mal deine Mail-Adresse geben und ich schicke dir mal ein paar Fotos =)

  4. Wenn ich braune Haare hätte, dann hätte ich gerne so ein braun wie du es hattest :3 Aber das orange ist auch gut! Es ist ziemlich schwierig "perfekt" von dunkel auf hell zu kommen,denke ich aber du hast das super gemacht:)

  5. Danke dir ♥ Freue mich so richtig aufs Studium. Btw das ist jetzt das letzte was ich zu deinen Haaren noch spamme aber: ich mag den Schnitt bzw wie der Scheitel liegt richtig gerne. Bin ja immer zwischen Ponny/kein Ponny hingerissen und ich finde gerade auf dem ersten Bild sieht das sehr gut aus bei dir :)