Sonntag, 15. April 2012

goodbye holidays, hello school ):

Ah I'm so tired ! Tomorrow I have to go to school again, I don't want to ): and just one week left until I have my finals.. I'm so scared and I should start to learn more for it.. sigh
Well my holidays were great, hanging at home and playing playstation, going to the cinema ( The woman in black and the hunger games) and visiting missy.

Saturday I took some pics again, just a simple outfit for work :)

Hat/Vestimienta Venezuela, Knit/ Vila, Shirt/ no name shop, tube dress/ H&M, Tights/ Gina Tricot.

And here a few things I bought lately

Shirt/ No name shop, the same where i bought the shirt of my outfit picture.

Poncho/ Vero Moda

and my best friend, lol.

well my life is boring as always i wish i could write more, haha. Tomorrow i have to work again after school..i prefer to stay in my bed...

ah btw. I passed my qualification exam i had to make, so happy <3


  1. Viel Erfolg für deine Klausuren! Ich drücke dir die Daumen! <3
    Dein Outfit ist Liebe und deine Gets auch *O* Ich will auch!

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  3. cool blog!

    i'm liking it...
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  4. miss, you are gorgeous!
    I liked that outfit, you have a great sense of style. Love the new clothes you bought too!
    wanna follow each other miss?

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