Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

Royal wedding extravagant

the last weeks i had to work on a school projekt, we had to made a bridal hair accessorie. it was so much work you can't believe, haha. I glued my fingers so many times and it was really painful.
I made a design but in the end i completely changed it and now it looks that different than before but i like the result a lot, haha, it's typical me.

Here you have a few pics i took of my work and the works of others at school during the day of the open door <- haha, don't know if it's right.

we also had to make a box for the hair accessorie.

and pictures of ourself wearing it :)

and here a few others :)

a btw our subject is called experimental design so we were forced to work with those materials and add a few other things like pearls etc.
Materials we had to work with: felt,knitting with strap of plastic bags or filament and we also could harden different materials <- what i made :)


  1. heißt Open day (britisch) oder open house (amerikanisch) =3

    Ich find deins ja so zucker!! Gefällt mir am besten von allen, aber die anderen sind natürlich auch nicht schlecht <3
    aber ich steh mehr auf rosa/weißen kitsch und natürlich GOLD <3

  2. alle sind hübsch aber deins ist am schönsten *O* !!! richtig elegant und romantisch <3 so toll!!! siehst aus wie eine prinzessin :DD!!!! <3 <3 <3 ich liebe es! du machst so gute sachen!