Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

You said to me so

One week left until autumn holidays, finally !
Still one exam left and i'm finally free, I'm so looking forward to this !!!
If been doing a lot of school things, visited Missy and I was working a lot so i couldn't write into my blog, sorry for that !

Here you have a couple of pics i took during the last 2 weeks !

Last saturday before i went to missy's place. My bangs are looking horrible !

Poncho&Leggins;GT/Shirt; H&M

My Parents used to have clothes with those prints and colours years ago, that's why i bought this poncho.

bag and poncho bought at GT


  1. Uh~ der Poncho ist toll *O*
    Wir werden uns auf jeden fall auf dem Japantag sehen! ich freue mich schon ^O^

  2. sehr hübsche tasche. und deine schuhe gefallen mit ♥

  3. Perdón que se me olvidó dar el nombre del app, aqui lo tienes (>_<)

    美图秀秀 meitu xiuxiu