Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

I'm not dead just lazy.

I really hate my laziness D:

Ok what i've been doing during the last weeks ?
of course i met my best friend like 3846823746 times, i was working aaaand i made my cosplay for the Japanday and the Bookfair <3 [More about that in my next post]

Here you have a few pics of the sewing process D:

and a outfit pic.. dunno anymore when i took this D:
but i guess it was in the morning before going to work and i guess everything is by GT.
You can see my old hair color in this pic D: i had to color my hair because of the cosplay, more about it in the next post !

ah and btw. yesterday my best freind orderd my halloween costume, it's so cute !! i'm so looking forward to this !


  1. Wird das Elizabeta Héderváry (Hetalia)?

  2. Tut mir leid! ;_; Ich wusste nicht, dass du da so nah dran wohnst! Beim nächsten mal sage ich Bescheid und du zeigst mir Frankfurt! <3