Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Japanday and bookfair

Okay Now i'm going to write about japanday and frankfurt bookfair.
I have to say that this weekend was so stressful D:
I hand no time to finish my cosplay, even if i sewed the whole friday D: I finished it saturday morning at 3 am D:

Next day we had to drive to dusseldorf, it was funny but damn i was so tired !!
At all this day was awesome, i saw so many people i haven't seen for a while <3
In the evening we had to drive to Frankfurt again.
Nextday me and my cosplay partner went to bookfair, and this day was the best.
beeing together with my best and closest friends and having so much fun, haha i wish i could repeat this day <3

<3<3 guys you made my day

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