Samstag, 9. Juni 2012

I'm not dead.

but my feet.. worked yesterday and today and now I can't even walk, haha, but it was funny :) Yeah a lot happend after my last post.. at least I got my highschool diploma, so happy !! and of course I went shopping a few times, colored my hair again and played playstation. I finally found time to take a outfit pics, after a long time ! This was my outfit for work yesterday, a lot of black I know but my other clothes were dirty so.. I had to wear black. Actually I didn't wear those shoes for work because 7 hours with 12 cm heels would kill me, at the end I wore some simple white boots. The leggins is new i bought it when I visited Missy in Mainz, I love them and they were so cheap !

weird face ftw !

Shirt; Gina Tricot, Leggins; Random shop, Shoes: Bullboxer

Accessories I wore with the outfit

by gina tricot, love this bikini !

some other stuff, destroyed jeans jacket, denim shorts with destroyed star print

Cross ring with stones, love <3

now I'll watch the soccer game Germany vs Portugal :)
Go germany !!

have a nice weekend <3

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