Montag, 7. Mai 2012

I want to spend the days with you..

I love this song.. it's by one of my fav. Artists, Cecile Corbel who wrote the song for the Arrietty Movie.

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well, as for me I'm dead tired. I survived my Finals but now I still have to do too much things for the next 3 weeks.. I'm so dead tired.. the next 3 days I have to stay longer at school after it, because I have to finish a school project -> Homepage ans theres still too much to do.. I also have to search for a nice dress because of my graduation ceremony.. sadly we don't have a Prom ): so..just a normal cocktail dress would be perfect, i want one in light pink or nude..because i want to wear nude pumps, i hope I finde a cute dress, so next month I'm going to do a big shopping trip, if I can't finde one in Frankfurt or Mainz I'm going to search one in Darmstadt or Cologne ):

Lately I've been trying to eat more healthier, no more junkfood..(already 2 weeks since I ate chocolate the last time !) so because of that I'm made a big breakfast for me and my mom on saturday. I'm made egg Tortillas(don't know if it's right) with feta, banana/strawberry salad and crispbread with avocado. So good and I was full until 7pm :)

On saturday missy and i went clubbing, but yeah sadly we didn't take some pictures ):
Ah btw here a few things i bought lately. I read a few reviews about the facepeelings and stuff they have, so i decided to buy something.

I already have a spot free skin but I have a lot of blackheads (hope it's right..)around my nose which look kind of ugly.. I bought Herbalism and I have to say that my skin became better, my blackheads decrease and my skin is so soft.
I also bought a Lush shampoo for the hair, yes the green chunk, which is called Karma Komba Shampoo. well I have the problem that my hair is very knotty, especially after a shower ): The shampoo doesn't help that much but I noticed another thing, it tranquilized my skin so my skin disease got better.
Also bought the Conditioner Veganese.. but I'm not satisfied with it ):

Things I bought at Gina Tricot when I was working saturday white knit, necklace (3 euro on sale) and a new belt :)

And the outfit I wore when i was at a friends Birthday Party, it was so hot that day (1 week ago..) Shirt:LizLisa/Shorts:New Yorker/ Shoes: Buffalo/ Jewelry: Juicy Couture and Svarowski

lately I haven't took outfit pics.. because I had so much to do with school that I was too lazy to dress myself up.. for school I just wear shirt and jeans.. because i always have to hurry in the morning ):

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