Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011


So I hope everyone had a great christmas just like me.
It was funny spending this day with my family and my best friend but i don't know.. i kind of missed those christmas movies, this year there weren't as much movies like in the passed years ): even those movies gave me always this little christmas feeling.

so nothing special happened during the last days, i was at missys place, working and she was at my place, tomorrow i'm going to her place again until i have to work again.

so yeah here a few pics of how we spent christmas :)

ok maybe a few people think that this is a weird present( talking about the jersey shore calender i got from missy) but yeah i guess it's the perfect present for me because jersey shore is my and missy's favourite tv show EVER ! also got an dm and swarovski coupon, a shower head from missy too, i always wanted a huge one because i like it when it feels like it's raining so yeah, also got a few presents before christmas and a pretty huuuuge one but i still won't post about it :)

please ignore the mess ):

now i'm off watching with missy kill bill :)

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