Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

nothing to do ):

I haven't done this much during the past week except lying in my bed, reading manga, watching some animes and smelling bad, lol... on wednesday I was so bored that I decided to put make up on, do my hair and wear my maid dress and yeah that was my week..kind of sad..

haha I Know my eyes are huge, but I love huge eyes and because I already have huge eyes without make up I love to make them bigger with upper&lower lashes and circle lenses.
sadly the dress is a little too big for me, have to fix this before friday, when I'll visit a halloween party...

Fridays Outfit:

Hair accessorie: Claires
Necklaces: Paris Kids, Accessories
Rings: H&M, Juicy Couture
Jacket: Gina Tricot
Dress: Liz Lisa
Socks: Shibuya 109
Shoes: random shop

On friday I met my friend Vivian! Actually we just wanted to watch some videos and live's but yeah.. after rescueting a cat (long story) I got a message from a good friend and asked me if I'll go clubbing, of course I said yes and yeah... we had to dress up in 15 minutes because it was already late and the trains won't drive anymore. It was a funny night, 4 different clubs in one night, this was too much for my feet, i was so dead the next day, sadly I don't have pics ): ...went to bed around 6 am and woke up again at 8 am... I was so tired, but I had to dress up and go to missys place but i think I'll do a separate post about this day when she send me the pics.

I know this entry is kind of boring but I have nothing else to write, and I don't want to leave my blog again..):

next time I'll hopefully have some outfit pics etc again, at least when my school will start again..

xoxo Blanka


  1. It isn't boring anyway <3
    Love your maiddress a lot! I wish I would have one too ;__; but dunno where to buy... expensive u.u
    Glad, you had fun!

  2. das freitags outfit ist total süß ♥