Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012


Yesterday I went to Düsseldorf to meet my friend Nicole <3
The last time I saw her was back in Japan where we met, and I've been missing her so much ; x ; that's why I decided to see her <3 I arrived very early and had to wait until she finished with her work during that time I went shopping and visited a nice chocolate shop where I got some delicious hot chocolate :3

We went shopping and after that took some Purikura

We went to Okinii to eat something but yeah, it wasn't that good and the food was too expensive..

Nicole <3

after that I had to drive home again ; x ;
already miss her so much. cry

oh and btw this was my outfit for the day

Flower: Present
Blouse/Shirt: Forever 21; Ank Rouge
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Accessories: Svarowski; Juicy Couture; Paris Kids
Shoes: Deichmann

sry for the crappy pics.. forgot to take my camera with me ; x ;

xoxo Blanka