Dienstag, 6. November 2012

OOTW No. 7

So his is going to be an outfit post again, actually I wanted to wirite this post yesterday but I was to lazy... Soon I'll do a goodies post of the things I got during the last weeks, still have to wait until my last package will arrive..

No. 1
I guess this one is already to weeks old.. or something like that..wore it for work so it's kind of comfy, but I like it, I was so tired this day and had to work the whole day so it's really simple..

face pic..

Flower: Bijou Brigitte
Sweater; Blouse: Gina Tricot
Shorts: Rose Fan Fan
Socks: Shibuya

No. 2
I wanted to wear it without the hoodie, I thought it was too cold but in the end it was so hot with it... stupid me.. the hoodie is btw my fav. one atm <3

Hoodie: Eight2Nine factory
Hair Ribbon; Skirt; Sweater; Tank top(you can't see..): Liz Lisa
my oh so beautiful matching socks: Gina Tricot

No. 3
The hoodie is back...I was tired again.. so I just took something from my closet hoping that it would match..
at school a girl from the first year came to our room and was like: do you only wear liz lisa clothes ?!
I was like:...today..I don't wear Liz Lisa.. ; x ;

Hoodie: Eight2Nine factory
Tank;Shirt: ank rouge
Skirt: W<3C replica from Lace Girl, I love this skirt ; x ;

No. 4
annnd todays outfit. A Camera team went to my school and I had a little Interview ; x ; I was so nervous and scared, I really hope that it was ok.. ; x ;

Cardigan: Pimkie
Shirt: Tralala
Shorts; Ribbon: Liz Lisa

On saturday I'm going to have a little fotoshooting after work with some friends of my class, I'm going to wear one of the wedding dresses, last years 3rd year made, I really hope that the pictures will look nice ; x ;

P.s what happend to my layout..? blogger I really hate you...

xoxo Blanka

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