Samstag, 17. November 2012


Time for a new post ! This time I'll write about some things I got during the last weeks, I'm too lazy to do an outfit post again and I think it's kind of boring to see only outfit posts..

I bought some things at gyaru sales, since all the clothes I got from Japan are more for summer I wanted to change my wadrobe a bit and buy some stuff I can also wear during the winter season..

Problably you know most of the things because I already wore most of it..

Two Liz Lisa skorts, I love them so much!! I already wore them a few times and they're just perfect and match with a lot of my clothes, looking so forward to wear them in summer too, have a lot of tops I can't wear right now because it's so cold, but they would match perfect together <3

Pastel Shorts, haven't worn them yet, but I like them a lot, they're so cute!

Ma*rs set, this maybe is a replica but I don't really care, since I like this print a lot, and it's so cute ; x ; even without the top I have a lot of things which match perfect to the skirt!

Ma*rs dress I got from Claudia, I wanna wear it but it's too cold and this print don't match during this cold season.. have to wait until summer.. ; x ;

W♥C sweater and replica skirt, I wanted a skirt like this for so long and I was so happy when I found it on Gs, it's one of my favourites and I already have a lot of outfits in my mind with that skirt <3

Some hairstuff I got, Spike clips are from Gina Tricot, Hair ribbon is from Ma*rs, love them, I hope I'll have time to do some nice hairstyles with the Gina Tricot Hairclips.

New underwear, actually I'm a person who would never post underwear online but this time I wanted to show you the underwear I got at Gina Tricot, It's so cute !! I love it so much, we also have this set in mint but I was out of money, next month I'll hopefully get the mint one too ; x ;

Close up

Lace Dress, which is actually a Pijama but I think I'll wear it as a dress, since it's so cute ; x ; the color is mint,sadly it looks white in the picture...Also got some new lace shorts, I always wear shorts under my dresses or skirts, I'm always afraid that some people see my underwear or at least some old scary man, since my dresses and skirts are kind of short..In summer I'll use this shorts as normal shorts, the mint one is for a classmate but next month I'll buy the mind and the cream one too !

Close up

Rhinestone and Pearl Collar from H&M, I wanted it so bad but it was always too expensive.. I got it for the half price because the check was broken but I already fixed it

The blouse was -75% I wanted it for such a long time but it was always so expensive.. and now I got it, lucky me, few pearls were already missing but I already fixed it, tailor skills ftw, lol.

annnd last but not least, my baby

my dad and grandparents gave me an Ipad mini,I was surprised because I didn't expact this but I looove it and I can use it for school <3 still have to find a nice and cheap cover for it..

Next week I'll do an outfit post again, since my life is still boring I can't write about anything else ): Could write about school or work but I think that's kind of boring...
btw.. my cat is a bit ill right now.. I was so scared last week that he maybe need an operation but right now he feels better, I'm so relieved! But we have to go everyday to the doctor with him..poor cat and the bill is so high.. we already paied few hundred euros..

ok that's everything, sry for the heavy picture post again..

xoxo Blanka

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