Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

OOTW No. 8

I'm back with some Outfit pics, like always. Finally I have some time to post again.
2 Weeks ago Vivian, Missy and I had a little party weekend, It was so funny but sadly I still haven't got the pics...saturday I'll see missy again and I hope that I' ll finally get all the pics to do an extra entry about this weekend, looking forward to this!

What else.. well actually nothing really happend except of this..

No. 1

This one is from the 07.11, wow already one month has passed..
I liked this outfit a lot, I also wore this one for work, it looks really cute but also is really comfy wor school and work.

Headband: Zara- Roppongi Hills
Belt: Liz Lisa
Shirt: Gina Tricot
Skirt: Lace Girl - Wc replica


wore this the day after I got my Ma*rs stuff, I wanted to wear it so badly but it was too cold for the top, that's why I added the ribbon on a normal sweater to make it look more cute. I overslept in the morning so I had to take the pic in our school toilet, lol...

Hairribbon: Selfmade
Skirt/Ribbon: Ma*rs replica
Sweater: Tally Weijl

No. 3

Just a Normal, pink outfit for school and work, but I like it a lot, later on this post you'll se a similar one......

Ribbon/Skirt: Liz Lisa
Scarf: Claires
Top: Liz Lisa
Sweater: Gina Tricot


Again a school and work Outfit, Love the blouse I got at the Vero Moda sale.

Hat: Vestimienta/ Venezuela
Blouse: Vero Moda
Poncho: Vero Moda
Skirt/Ribbon: Liz Lisa


Looks similar to the 3rd one. It's just a comfy outfit because I was late in the morning, like always, nothing special, but I like it.

Sweater: Gina Tricot
Dress: Liz Lisa
Scarf: Claires


Shirt/Tights: Gina Tricot
Cardigan: Primark
Skirt/Ribbon: Tralala

Random Pics I found on my phone..

which one is your fav. ?

xoxo Blanka