Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

4 Outfits before Christmas

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas, I hope that everyone will have a nice day <3 I'm going to celebrate the 24th at my mom's bf's place with his family and my mom, I'll visit my grandparents in the evening, since they live in the same town.. on 25th my dad will come to see me and we'll celebrate the 25th at my grandparents place. I know that I won't have much time after christmas because of work and after that I'll go to missys place for a few days.. that's why I'm going to post last weeks outfit now.

I love this skirt, but it's so difficult to combine.. I bought it when I was in venezuela 1 1/2 Years ago and in all this time I wore it 2 times...
My classmates told me this day that my outfits became quite boring and normal...since I always used to be kind of different..

Sweater: Vila
Blouse: Shibuya 109
Skirt: Bershka

Because of that what my classmates said I decided to dress up a little bit. When I arrived at school everyone was like: ohhhhh do you have a after school date or why are you so dressed up ? I was like: FU!
haha, love my classmates.
Some time ago I wore a similar outfit but I don't know, I like this version more.. or which one do you prefer ?

Coat: Selfmade [this is actually my mom's christmas present........]
Necklace: Six;Paris Kids
Top: Maison Gilfy
Skirt: Gina Tricot
Tights: Random
Shoes: Bullboxer


We had a Christmas Party at school, This was my outfit, I love this skirt so much, at the beginning I couldn't decide between a liz lisa coord. or the leather coord but I'm happy that I wore the Leather coord. I love it <3 p="p">

Just two quick pics, I was in such a hurry in the morining because I overslept >-<
Coat: Selfmade [still my mom's christmas present........]
Necklace: Six;Paris Kids
Top; Skirt: Gina Tricot
Tights: Random shop

My lazy Outfit, I wasn't in the mood this week to wear colorful things, that's why this lizlisa coord. is kind of boring because I wasn't in the mood to combine it..

Sweater: Eight2Nine
Necklace: Accessorize
Dress: Liz Lisa

so that's it, we'll see you after christmas
xoxo Blanka