Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Christmas and New Year

So I hope everyone had a nice christmas and a great new years eve.
I celebrated christmas with my mom, her bf and his family, the day after we went to my grandparents place.

Just took some random pictures with my cam <3

The Christmas Tree

I got Vegan, Hallacas *-*

and some of my presents <3

Oreo's Christmas look

and Nana's Christmas look, Yes I actually have 2 Cats but I don't take much pictures of Nana, because always when she sees a cam she gets excited and starts moving and so nearly all the pics turn out to be blurry -_-
But this one is so cute, love my girl <3

I wanted to wear something red for the 24th, but the only red thing I own is my made dress I bought tokyo x.x

and my outfit for the 25th, something simple but I liked it :3

Got this Cat ears hat from my moms bf :3 got the tights from my mom
Last but not least two of my presents, of course I got few more but I was too lazy to take pics >-<

Finalllllly black ops 2 <3 my dad gave it to me, so happy

and the present missy gave me, LOOOOVE IT *-*

New Years Eve
Last saturday a friend of missy and me came to visit us, after work I met them in the city for some shopping and in the evening I drove with them to mainz.
Sunday we went to the cinema to watch: The Hobbit..for the second time.
On monday we drove to Vivians place to celebrate new year together with her, one of her friends and Jasmin. It was such a nice and funny evening, after eating tons of food and drinking..we went out for clubbing <3
sadly I only have few pics because nobody was really in the mood for pics, I guess..haha.

Vivian and Missy <3

Vivian, Missy and Me <3

Kimi, Vivian and Jasmin

Vivian and Me <3

Missy and Me

vivian and me, lol

sooo that's it, sorry for the picture spam :3

xoxo Blanka


  1. wow, ihr seht alle sooo schön aus!!
    Und ich liebe die Weihnachtsbilder! Deine Katze hahaha, wie süß xD

  2. das rote kleid ist voll schön =)