Montag, 7. Januar 2013


So even if it's already the 7th but now I'm going to write about my 2012.


While browsing trough the Pictures I realized that the only thing I did this month was clubbing, lol, I haven't took much Pirctures this month since I had to do lot of school stuff.
We finally found our favourite club and also had a great time with one of my classmates while clubbing :3
btw. Missy and I also went to a museum called experimenta, but it wasn't that good ):


It was soo damn cold here in Germany, I had to wear so many layers of clothes.
School was kind of boring these days, as you can see in the pics... On valentines day missy and I went to Ikea to buy some things for our rooms, since I needed some Items to decorate my room, we also had our first Laser Tag session with some friends, I love Laser Tag <3
and in the end of Febuary Missy and I had our Zombie Shooting


Except Clubbing and dying my hair nothing happend this month
btw. You can see how my haircolour slowly changed during the time, lol.


I had easter Holidays during that time, spend the time like always at missys place, went clubbing and to a friends birthday party. In the end of the month I also had my duwing the last week of easter break I had to study most of the time. Ah and missy gave me a bar of my fav. Chocolate, Hersheys, I was so happy !


This was probably the most boring month ever, really nothing happend, only went swimming with missy a couple of times and visited my grandparents.


I was Crazy about finding a dress for my graduation and even went to Cologne and Düsseldorf to find one, at the end I had to buy one from Only...

Oreo and me watched a lot of soccer because of the european championship, Missy and I also met quite often to buy food and change the money for our trip to Tokyo.

on the 15th I turned 20 and after that I had my Graduation Party finally school is over <3


On the 2nd Missy and I took the Plane to Tokyo, Finally after 13 Years my biggest dream came true. I was so happy ! I had such a great time and I really miss Tokyo, I will go back as soon as it's possible for me <3 More about Tokyo[Klick]
. After Coming back I had to work a lot, so yeah nothing else happend.
edit. The Picture on the right was taken at roppongi hills, not Ueno, stupid me....>.<



After Tokyo I had a complete mind change. I finally could wear the clothes I wanted to wear and that's why my style changed completely after Tokyo.
I also bleached my hair but It came out way to yellow, so I dyed them Orange, and Fiiinnnnallly I had Orange hair, at the beginning it was Horrible because I looked like a pumpkin, but now I kind of miss this bright colour.
Vivians friend visited her, so we went clubbing with her, since it was her first time.
that day I wore my dream shoes, I love them so much and want more pairs >.< but after that night I had horrible muscle ache, I couldn't walk for 2 days...spend the next day at home in my Kigurumi, lol
In the end of the month my tailor apprenticeship started and I was able to skip the first year and directly started with the 2nd year.
One week later Missy and I went to the Games com to meet some friends there <3



Probably the sadest month in my life.. my beloved cat oliver died. I still miss him a lot but right now it's okay, I try not to think about him or look at pictures of him.
Rest in peace..
I was absent at school for a few days and tried to deflect the pain..
I also got to know my classmates and found a lot of good friends..
In the end of the month I met Vivian, she came back from tokyo and gave my some lashes.



After school I met my classmates quite often and we visited restourants <3
During autumn break I got so boring that I dressed up as maid and stayed like this the whole day. I also met Vivian, rescued a cat and after that got a message from one of my friends who asked it we wanted to go clubbing, Vivian and I got ready in about 15 min and we had to hurry to the train, It was really funny.
One day after that I went to missys place, since one of her friends had birthday we went to his place and after that, clubbing, again...My feed were so dead and I was so tired but this night was so funny, before going to his place Missy and I watched an One Piece movie, we even came to late because of that, lol.
In the end of the month I went to Düsseldorf to meet my friend Nicole, It was nice to see her again after Japan, missed her a lot !



The clothes I ordered at Gyaru sales finally arrived at my place, it was the first time for me ordering online, since I hate to wait until the stuff arrive because I'm not really patient I prefer buying my stuff at the stores..
I also got my I pad mini, Totally in love with it, and had another party weekend with Missy and Vivian...
after the first partynight we were so tired that we had a wellness day at vivians place, with sauna and pool, it was great, after eating we got ready and went to another club, after arriving home around 4 am missy and I went to the pool again <3
that's what happened in a nutshell but I guess I'll do a separatley post about it, since I finally got the pictures.
I went to a photoshooting, I was the jeans bride, it was such a nice and funny experience <3
we also had a school event and had to wear clothes we made, our theme was men style



I went to a Classmates place, we had so much snow this day, it was so nice, I love snow !
In the evening we met missy and Vivian and after going to the christmas market we went to Vivians place and stayed there, the next day we drove back to mainz and watched movies.
I celebrated christmas at my moms bf's place and after that with my dad and grandparents <3
got some nice presents and yeah celebrated new years eve with my friends.

This entry took me about 5 hours... can't believe it..
so this was my 2012 and I hope 2013 will be even better <3
I'm going to stop this now since I have to get up early because of work tomorrow..:3

xoxo Blanka


  1. wow, das Zombie Shooting *_* richtig geil!
    Mag den Entry total *_* <333 tolle Bilder bei und alles!

  2. I made one of these posts a couple of days ago! Looks like your 2012 was a lot more exciting than mine! Let's hope 2013 is just as exciting!

  3. Hi^^ Sorry für die späte Antwort! Nein, meine Schule in Japan war ziemlich teuer! Hab 5000 CHF bezahlt für ein halbes Jahr,...das sind ca. 400000 Yen! ^^ Praktisch alle Schulen dort sind so teuer! Paar kosten 500 mehr andere 1000 weniger... musst halt effektiv rumgooglen! stellt auch Schulen vor! Evtl. im Süden von Japan findest du viele günstigere Schulen! Good luck!