Dienstag, 19. März 2013

OOTW No. 11

I haven't posted in a while, I had so much to do with school stuff and work and had no time for anything ): I'm so sorry for that! Well.. don't really know what to write so i'm just going to post some outfit pics (like always..)
so this are a few older ones, still from febuary, going to upload new ones maybe in a few days..

My beloved college jacket I got at sale, I was kind of W<3C inspired, the day before so that's my my outfit turned
out like that, but I still like it <3

College Jacket: Bershka; Skirt: W<3C replica

I had no Idea what to wear this day, and I even was too late in the morning, that's why I only took some of my fav. Items (Shirt and skirt) and matched them with the mint top, actually it's a PJ but yeah.. It's way too cute for beeing in my bed..

Shirt: Forever 21; Skirt&Ribbon: Liz Lisa; Babydoll: Gina Tricot

I thought about some outfits with a red blouse and was really happy when I found one at GT, the next day I tried to combine it with a liz lisa dress, since I'm already kind of sick of wearing cardigans.. so yeah wore this shirt unter my dress.

Necklace: accessorize; Shirt: Gina Tricot; Dress: Liz Lisa