Freitag, 12. August 2011

First week after summer break..

Is over.
It was great too see my friends again after such a long time, but srsly school killed me. I was so tired all the time and it was hard for me to follow the class because of the jetlag. But the new subjects we have are great ! Today we had our first elective subject , experimental design, it was awsome. I'm looking forward to the other elective subjects I choose, for example fashion history.

Monday after arriving at Frankfurt I went to the city for a litte „after holiday shopping“ and here a few things I bought. I really love sale, as most of the people may know, so I was so happy when I saw the sale Accessorize had.

I bought all those necklaces for only 35 Euro !! The regular price for all of them was 141,60 Euro !!

Monday's outfit. Pls. Ignore my face, during the flight i couldn't sleep and this outfit was taken only a few hours after arriving at Frankfurt ):
btw. when I was in Venezuela I had to cut my hair ): my hair was maybe 5-7 cm longer before and now it feels so short again, but after the salt water my hair was in such a horrible condition that's why I had to cut it..

Stone Necklace: Venezuela, street seller
Lace shirt: Orsay
Tanktop: Only
Jeans: Promod
Shoes: Deichmann

last but not least a pic of my angel. When I went to the kitchen i found her sleeping like that in my mothers room. She looked so cute that i had to take a picture of her <3

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