Donnerstag, 25. August 2011


We already finished my room 2 months ago but until now i haven't had time to post them here. I only made of some party of my room pics because i think whole room pics look kind of ugly and messy.. I still want to change room parts of my room.. for example my jewelry place, curtains, wall color and i still need another part for my closet D:

left to right: with Jasmin; with Juana; with Missy

Oreo <3


  1. wünderschöne einrichtung <3 einfach traumhaft!

  2. beautiful simpleness & very romantic! =3
    And ur kitty looks like 'what do u want from me, hu?' XD so cute!
    I like ur fotos <3

  3. Was für ein schönes Zimmer <3
    Wie ich dich darum so richtig beneide <3
    Wie gerne ich doch deine Bettwäsche hätte ;_;