Montag, 8. August 2011

Here we come again.

As you may have noticed, i finally changed my blog layout and also the language. That means that i'm back from my Venezuela trip. I stayed there for about 6 weeks and most of the time i spent there was great ! Of course i'm already missing some people over there but i know that i'll see some of them very soon again <3

i'm too lazy to upload some pics of the trip.
The reason is that i didn't take my cam with me.. i had only a normal digital camera with crappy quality D: maybe i can edit the pics a bit too make them look less crappy,we'll see.

Today i took some pics of the things i bought over there. Most of the things were so expensive D: clothing from zara was about twice as much espensive as it is in germany.

Hard Rock Cafe shirt ; Skirt, Shirt and Tunic by Bershka ; Hat got it from Vestimienta.

Real stone pendant 5,50 each :D

Last but not least my baby <3

Paul Frank Tunic :D

p.s i know my english sucks D: so pls ignore it D:

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