Freitag, 19. August 2011

I’m not confused.. Let’s win this thing

Second school week is over and i'm feeling so dead right now. I have already that much things to do that i don't even have a clue how to manage it D: this week will be srsly awful because of our design analysis homework.. it's too much and takes that much time.Ok enough school shit D:

Today I had a Job interview and guess what, I got the job !!! I was so happy after I got the call. Friday after school will be my first day, I'm looking forward to this. I won't tell the name of the store but the thing I can tell is that they'll open their first store in Frankfurt on 2nd september, maybe a few people now have a clue which store i mean, haha. It'll be hard for me working after school but right now I'm saving my money for a big project and I also think that I'm going to have a lot of fun working there :D

missy send me the pics we took last saturday, during the week i haven't had the time to took some new pics D: maybe i can take a few during the weekend.

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